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I was followed off and on by Travelers' Private Investigators during my WC claim. If you have a WC claim, assume you are going to be followed at some point.

These PIs are not the smartest people in the world...If you know what to look for, they are easy to spot. They are usually white males in their 50s, but I've had a younger couple park a van outside my house for hours and pretend to be on a walk. The men PIs wear black camera glasses with thick, black rims that are fairly obvious. They will follow you through large stores and coincidentally end up next to you in the checkout line.

They will wait in the parking lot to take pics of you loading the car. I had a guy follow me for over an hour in a store with my three kids and he had one roll of paper towels...Another one was following me for 45 minutes and when I turned and made eye contact with him to let him know I noticed he bought a small item and left. If you spot them they will sometimes try and start a conversation with you pretending they aren't following you. Just walk away.

Do not engage with them. Memorize their faces though. Look for people lingering an aisle or so behind you with one or two things. Women will follow you into appointments and pose as customers.

I had one follow me into a salon and sit down with an iPad filming me from her purse. It was unbelievably obvious. Take pics of each PI so you can memorize what they look like. Take pics of their plates.

If you have the money, hire a PI to do counter surveillance. It actually is harassment if you know they are PIs, you acknowledge them, and they continue to follow you. Keep documentation of dates, times, etc. The things they obtain illegally are not admissible in Court (i.e.

Cell phone, etc). I also paid my mechanic extra money to sweep my car for GPS devices. If you know your neighbors, let them know and have them keep an eye out. Neighbors can be more observant and vigilant than you are sometimes.

My neighbors were pissed and started calling the cops and keeping track of cars. Expect to be followed the day of doctors appointments and for one or two days after. The doctors let the insurance company know 2 weeks in advance of your appointments. The best advice I got was to be as boring as possible.

I have nothing to hide, but that doesn't matter. The most innocent things will be twisted and used against you. Be smart. Be observant.

Get an attorney to protect yourself. They will turn you into a paranoid mess instead of just doing the right thing.

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