Lathrop, California
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I was targeted I feel by scammers.Feel I was manipulated into a situation.

Shortly after severing half a finger off. Had to use force to defend myself against drugged out psychotic A-hole. I got arrested. While in custody.

Don't know who did what, but my house was ripped off, vandalized, identity stolen accounts drained. I had to bailout to try to singlehandedly literally and figuratively pull it together. Never submitted a claim in my life, very traumatic and feel violated having home robbed. Which now feels less damaging than how Travelers is handling me.

I was a mental basket case. When I first got back to my home. It was like a treasure hunt only in reverse. I worked hard for everything I have.

From the moment claims trio came to my house false accusation made about a dvd player. Scrutiny, little quips of comments over heard about chair been moved, well their was blood everywhere. That I ended up cleaning as best I could. I wasn't the one who moved and furniture.

My parents went to feed my dog and discovered the chaos, told me looks like someone had been trying or was living their. Sheriffs came and searched found no one. Secured and left. Came back 2 days later to see broken into again, car gone, truck messed up, sheriffs repeat search, I bailed out.

I thought I was going to be let out when I went to court, who wants to just throw 4000.00 in the wind. I have been treated according to the list of bad faith examples 1-60, 30 of the examples. They have hired an attorney now to protect their harassing *** by out sourcing their harassment. 7months now of being subjected to contempt, given *** responses for still investigating, haven't decided to approve or deny, haven't had to decide on such an issue before, how the fudge is that my problem.

I have not done anything wrong, if they can't decide, why all the bad treatment? Sounds like subconsciously they want to make me wealthy. They keep going the path they have been and it will. I submitted severed finger photo.

Being the most recent of many disabilities I'm sporting. Now get wokeup in the middle of the night, no clothes on, can't tie a shoe, button pants or pull them on, door sounds like about to cave in from violent display of aggression. So, *** near naked. I throw open the door to a metal folding chair being used as a weapon.

Legs of chair descending towards my face. I had not even cleared the carpet of my room. I had a sharp object in my hand behind the door, I used it, clipping attackers hand. At first I didn't know where, the chair was out of play though and I ditched my weapon.

Grabbed dark clean towel. Gave to attacker because lots of blood, he wouldn't put pressure on it. He started going to the front to the back getting blood everywhere. I think he was looking for a weapon of greater potential.

The cut was on the palm I later find out. It entered and traveled just under the skin and came back out. He has created a story of lies of maximum damage. But with some hope, and some patience, with my own examination of the evidence, because it already doesn't match his story.

As the saying goes. "The truth will set me free." Then I just have to figure out what to do to insurance comp. Why would they *** near push someone to contemplate end their own existence. Anything to save a buck, I guess.

Well thank you for reading my story. I would sure like some feed back of public opinion. picts of my finger, his palm cut while holding chair in picture(open with photo viewer)you can zoom in and see where thumb removed dust, yet no visible blood, when he claims to been stabbed twice then he got the chair, if the trails in the house indicate anything, it's he had the chair before he was flowing, chair would be covered in red. It's not.

With the deck stacked against me. cops sided with him, courts wouldn't O.R. me, (his side), my insurance(not my side)Im all alone.

Just like I started out, but stripped of all my personal possessions.Facing time, unjustly accused.

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I liked: In words.

I didn't like: Having been handled, Retaliated, Harassed, Oppressed.

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Travelers ins
Manteca, California, United States #1247321

He was drugged out. I was on Norco pain meds because I had hand surgery 10 days earlier

Lewes, Delaware, United States #1247290

Slow down theres too much going on.intruders into ones home should not be on the up side and you on down.

I know someone who ecperience malish lies that nearly lead to jail time. But they believed in God and did alot of leaning on Him. If you believe take all this to the Lord.

If you dont know the Lord its not too late to get to know him and let him handle this for you.Just believe.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1210578

Why wouldn't you have home owners instead of travel ins??And 2nd..did you know this guy??

Lkke the story isnt adding up right.....why did the cops arrest you??What did the report say??

to Anonymous #1210708

You do realize Travelers also insures homes, right?

to Anonymous Manteca, California, United States #1247320

I let someone rent one of my empty rooms, 27 days this person lost his temper four times to the level of rage.With his 300lbs, 6ft 2in size, and that I figure has been used constantly as a tool to intimidate other.

With the door closed he felt powerless. What he did was described himself as me, told them he was calm, and i was throwing a fit. As he knocked lightly, asked may I see the receipts. Suddenly I threw open the door stabbed him twice.Then he went and got a chair, he fended off two more attempts of me stabbing.?

Apparently I had lost my ability to stab. He claims to have used the chair legs on either side of my hips backwards across puddle of blood and onto my carpet

If the incompetent cops would have done their JOB. No blood from my feet or any blood on carpet to Match story , no blood on chair either. As much as he bled out, then got the chair?

No , and i gotten the crime scene photo's right away instead of 8 months and they the DA.Manipulated the evidence mislead me at first but I know more than they do because I it, they tried to set me up to take a deal, bye


This is the hardest thing to read that I have found on here. I read it twice and have no idea what the *** actually happened.

to Anonymous #1072573

I was provoked into use of force to defend against another individual.In which, they lied of course to police, playing the innocent victim.

So I was arrested. Having to prove that he lied. In my self-defense claim of innocent. Had to bail out, my house had been repeatedly, robbed, vandalized, later learned Identity theft too.

Filing a claim with travelers ins. How they have treated me. So badly, bullying, oppressive, discrimination of numerous types.

Fraudulent F**ks, do anything to not pay a claim.Words are hard to find that describe the tactics used, they are without conscience

to Anonymous Westwood, Massachusetts, United States #1239398

And the reason for that is:

1.When you make statements about being victimized, you have to use complete, coherent sentences.

2. If you home was robbed, file a police report, and don't not speak with insurance agents while you are still high on cocaine or meth, (which you obviously are)

3. Making incoherent, non-credible complaints on websites is not beneficial. Even the most sympathetic people, like me, will assume you are lying.

Hey Anonymous-

I am not sure you are lying, you may be telling the truth. But here is a suggestion: 1. stop using hard drugs 2. make complaint on internet after hard drugs wear off 3.

Take the time to exercise better judgement when choosing companions 4. stop trying to BS, an BSer, that isn't working. Also, careful you don't get convicted of insurance fraud. 3.

lather, rinse and repeat.

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