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I have a commercial bldg, which is vacant. I had drained the water lines with compressed air. For a couple of winters everything was fine. Then the local water company decided to remove the existing water meter... there was a valve in the line to shut off the water line to the bldg. It was apparently frozen open. The representative of the water company pulled the meter... left the valve open and water company did not notify anyone that the meter had been pulled or valve would not close. Bldg was "downhill" from water vault that the meter was located in.. water got into the water vault.. they are not suppose to be water proof.. got into the water line in the bldg... froze line and once thawed .. the water line became a conduit for all the water that entered the water vault to run into the vacant bldg. Damage per adjuster $32,000.00+... Travelers was the insurer of the water company... Traveler's opinion of their liability - ZERO !

After filing suit.. they agreed to settle - out of court ... net... after attorney's expenses LESS THAN HALF OF DAMAGES...

cost to seal water line left open ... $0.75 RUBBER STOPPER...

IMO.. another example of corporate america and the insurance industry refusing to take responsibility for what their employees and/or those that they insure do.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Claim # 3340 investigator, Rebekah Pinzon; In early June I bought a sandwich at a KFC store insured by Traveler's. I took a *** of the sandwich and bit down on something very hard and broke my tooth.

The chicken in the sandwich was burnt to the extent that when shown to the Manager he thought it was bone.His name was Mir,and the waitress's name was Pam.He assured me it would be taken care of and he would file an insurance claim. After many calls I was finally put in contact with Ms. Pinzon. She told me she did an investigation and found the claim invalid.

I asked why and she said the owner said their process would not let that happen. I asked if she wanted to ask me any thing about the incident and she said no. I asked if she talked to the Asst. Manager or the waitress and she said no.

I then asked how she could make a decision without talking to the people that were there at the time. ( the owner was not)She told me that was her decision and it was final. I asked if she would talk to the people that was there and she refused. I said how could you investigate a claim without talking to the persons involved she said she talked to the owner and that was good enough.

Please contact me or have someone do a proper investigation. Thank You, Virglee Nicopolis.


Travelers was the insurance company for the WATER COMPANY.. the water company claimed no responsibility


Seems like the water dept should be on this 100% ??????

Go after them with your insurance company. ask them to help. It couldn't hurt.......


Seems like the water dept should be on this 100% ??????

Go after them with your insurance company. ask them to help. It couldn't hurt.......


I was out of work for 4 weeks and they haven't pay for my compensations and now they drop from there policy.


Travelers insurance is the worst company i have ever dealt with they refuse to pay my claims after i got into 1 accident.

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