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Travelers insurance is a very unethical company, they will try and intimidate anyone that files a workers compensation case against them. They will fight tooth and nail over medical treatment, including having you go to doctors of their choosing, denying you medical treatment, cutting off your payments, and sending private investigators after you.

Travelers insurance has their own private investigators and they use outside private investigators as well. Their investigators are usually white males in their 50's, most likely retired cops, but they are known to use husband and wife teams, 2 women, and father/son teams as well. A good portion of these people are overweight because they sit at home on their computer tracking your every move and eating junk food, and they eat junk food in their vehicles when they are doing stakeouts. These people are very sneaky and use illegal methods to track you, including placing GPS tracking devices on the underbody of your vehicle, tracking you by computer with your cellphone which is basically a tracking device, sending you text messages which contain a virus that allows them to read your text messages, and getting your bank account information. They have your Social Security number, your address, and your cell phone number already from the company that you work at, you will hardly ever notice their private investigators, but believe me they are watching your every move.

Travelers investigators also love Facebook, they not only get access to photo's that will destroy your case or possibly send you to jail, but they are able access what your current or future plans are and what your mindset is. They will typically create a fake Facebook account with an attractive photo that they have stolen from the internet, befriend people that they think you are friends with or people from similar backgrounds, and once they build up a bunch of friends they send you a Friend request. Once you accept them as a friend they will quickly Deactivate their Facebook account, and they will can reactivate their Facebook account at any time which will allow them to have access to your account, you can't delete them as a friend because they don't show up on your friend list, the only time that you can get rid of them is if you are logged on at the same time as they are. So don't post any pictures of yourself, accept any friend requests from people you don't know, don't tell the world of your future plans, and have the highest security settings possible on Facebook.

These people will follow you into Walmart, the grocery store, and home improvement stores to try and get a "money shot" of you lifting a case of water, carrying a bag of salt, or lifting any object that is above your doctors restrictions. Travelers investigators wear small body cameras, wear eye glasses that are actually cameras, have cameras mounted on the side of purses, and use cell phone cameras to capture video of you engaged in activities. Also, don't go golfing, swimming, play softball, go out for a jog, or weight lift at the gym, they will follow you into gym or golf course to get video of you. Watch the home improvement projects as well, they will act as if they are putting brochures into your paper box to capture video of you doing landscaping projects or roofing the house.

Their investigators will go to the same bar or restaurant as you, and try to get film of you dancing, shooting a game of pool, or will simply try and get as much information on you as possible for future use. They will act like they know people that you know, and will lie and tell you that they are retired, or work at the local factory in town, or that they live on the other side of town, most of them are bad liars and you can almost see it in their uneducated brains.

Some ways to avoid these illegal investigators include: 1.) Leaving your cellphone at home if you go somewhere compromising 2.) Not posting anything on Facebook or Twitter 3.) Staying at home as much as possible or going to private residences 4.) Bringing along somebody with you to the grocery store to lift the bags and cases of water or at least telling the bag-boy that you need help putting the grocerys into your car 5.) Having 2 cellphones: One phone for your doctor, your workplace, your attorney, and Travelers insurance sleaze ball Claims Adjustors and use the other phone for your friends, because these people do look at your text messages, track your location by your cellphone and they even have the ability to listen to your live conversations by remotely sending you a text message that contains a virus, the message usually says that you won something.

These guys are annoying but I wouldn't recommend approaching them or calling them out, it is much wiser to act as if you don't know that they are wannabe cop, this way you will know who the investigator is, and if you see the same person at multiple locations you know that they are in fact an insurance investigator. If you feel like getting back at them call the cops, or alert your states insurance commission to their tactics. After a while of no activity the claims adjustor will halt the investigation, but they will follow you in the future especially if a settlement is near. It really irks the investigators when they can't capture video of you doing anything, and it is a good feeling to know that they are dumber than you are, these investigators get upset because they might lose future business with Travelers Insurance, if they are not producing evidence it is a very good possibility that Travelers will use another investigator.

The amount of investigators that Travelers Insurance sent after me was truly amazing. It started out with just a few lonely guys that I would see every few months or so, then as the case dragged on for years, they started to pop up frequently, one guy was a hippy looking guy that wasn't very intelligent, another guy hardly talked at all and was downright weird , one guy claimed that he worked for FEDEX and even had a hat and jacket, probably from a relative. A fat guy and his weird wife started showing up, a skinny guy and his large wife started to show up, and a guy who liked to wear a nylon jacket that is very similar to an FBI style field jacket, it probably reminds him of when he was cop. When all of these failed at getting enough evidence on me, they turned to a surveillance team from another state, and there was a total of about 7 of them and they followed my every move, they had somebody on me 24 hours a day for about 2 weeks. These guys couldn't turn up anything on me either, I am sure it made them mad and hopefully the claims adjustor lost his job, it is disgusting that these guys would rather spend the money on Private Investigators than help the injured worker. I am sure that Travelers spent over $12,000 on investigators and their expenses related to following me for no good reason, this company is very profitable because they don't pay out claims and they are also reinsured for Private Investigators, so it doesn't cost them all that much, and if they can win a case here and there it pays for these investigators sleaze ball tactics. These investigators almost always have a Van, SUV, or CrewCab Pickup, it allows them to go undetected, they will even sit in the backseat occasionally to try and film you. These investigators will occasionally park on the street in front of your house, they like public parking lots also because they are hard for you to detect their presence, they will park near your vehicle to obtain video of you loading merchandise into your vehicle, and they really enjoy taking video of you mowing the grass or shoveling snow form your driveway, in the majority of cases they will send video of you doing something to your doctor so that they will lower your restrictions and they will use the evidence against you at a court hearing.

After you win your case, Travelers Insurance will still monitor your activities just not as frequently, their ultimate goal is to recover some or all of your settlement. So watch it even after you settle with them, they will still try and get into your Facebook account, and in most states your settlement can be modified for up to a year after the settlement, so keep this in mind. They will also try and pursue a criminal case against you, so keep keep everything on the D.L after your settlement, they are ridiculous and downright mean people, so I hope this information helps another injured worker.

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REPORT them to the AG that’s harassment. It’s falsified info as well.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1179815

I would love for someone to contact me privately about this. I am going through this right now and it is mentally exhausting.

I caught on pretty quick. The people watching me didn't seem to be very skilled. My neighbors noticed as well. After about 2 months it seemed to stop, but I think it's getting ready to start up again.

I would love to speak to someone who's been through this. I would also tell anyone else going through this to call the police every time. The police never wrote a report, but they would come out and ask them to leave.

My neighbors and I also started taking photos of them and their plates to track dates and times of who was coming and when. It eventually made me feel paranoid and watched everywhere I went.

to Anonymous #1570229

I know the feeling they pay big bucks to say you can work


Workers Comp Investigators now deploy hidden cameras equipped with software that allows them to activate whenever there is motion, and then follow targets and even zoom in without anyone touching a button.

They are Smart cameras. The technology’s built into these. It’s all software-based and it allows the investigator to monitor these injury plagued people without having to sit in front of these cameras.

The Private Investigator hides the small camera's in common objects near the homes of people suspected of filing false insurance claims for workers compensation benefits.

If you’re out in the general public or you’re in a location and you’re not fenced in by any privacy fence, the Private Investigator is not breaching anything to get to you, you’re fair game.


Private Investigators are now using Drones with mounted cameras to record video of you. The only place they cannot fly over you, is if the backyard has a privacy fence, otherwise it is legal to do.

After a 2014 court ruling which allows Drones to be used for commercial purposes, private investigators started to use them to record injured claimants. They have had success using them to catch people that are doing backyard projects, playing catch with the kids, or attending a party, these cameras have powerful zoom capabilities.

After the investigator tracks your location, which is usually via a GPS tracking device mounted onto the underbody of your car, they will park a few blocks away from where you are located and send up the drone. Also, beware of the fact that these people do drive by your house, and if they see you doing something in your yard, they will send up the Drone to fly over and record video of you.


A stingray is a new tracking device that operates as a miniature cellphone tower from inside a private investigator’s vehicle. A private investigator can use this mobile tower to connect to a disability claimant’s cellphone—even when the disability claimant is not using the phone to make a call—and measure the cellphone’s signal strength.

Once he measures the signal strength from a particular location, the private investigator drives the stingray to another position for another measurement.

After the private investigator does this a few times, the stingray device then uses the collected data to triangulate and locate the disability claimant’s cellphone. Since most people tend to always carry their cellphones, the device has proven to be an effective locator.

to Stingrays #902603

In a Baltimore trial courtroom on Monday, a local judge threatened to hold a police detective in contempt of court for refusing to disclose how police located a 16-year-old robbery suspect’s phone. Once the Baltimore Police were able to locate Shemar Taylor’s phone, they then searched his house and found a gun as well.

But rather than disclose the possible use of a stingray, also known as a cell site simulator, Detective John L.

Haley cited a non-disclosure agreement, likely with the Harris Corporation, since the company is one of the dominant manufacturers of such devices. Stingrays can be used to determine a phone’s location, and they can also intercept calls and text messages.


As a Private Investigator and a former cop, I have an issue with you telling our secrets to society, I make a good wage working for insurance companies, and yes I will follow you to the grocery store and Walmart, and I will monitor your house.


Travelers Insurance Investigators will follow you into stores, they will take video of you bending over to pick up items, lifting items over your weight restriction, and loading the items onto the checkout counter as well as taking video of you loading items into your vehicle, and will take video of you getting in and out of your vehicle. These people are very evil and will stop at nothing to stop your payments, retrieve money that was paid out into a settlement, and pursue "paper" criminal charges against you, they will turn little stuff into big stuff, so be very leery of these people.

They will constantly change private investigators on you as well, so it won't always be the same one, they sometimes have several different investigators working on your case.

Old men will be involved in the majority of the time, but they also use women, and young men and women as well, and sometimes they will even bring their kids with them. You just never know who the investigator is but sometimes you can pick up on their body language, their questions, and sometimes they will even try and get you to lift items above your restrictions or bend over or reach for something, watch it if you work in a retail setting or other public profession, they will come in to your workplace to catch video of you doing something, don't do anything beyond your restrictions during the case or after your case, they will try and get their money back.

Yorkville, Illinois, United States #896526

Some Private Investigator tricks include pressing *67 on their phone so that their caller id won't show up, another phone trick that they use is making a fake phone number show up on your caller ID, it is done with simple computer programs. They will call your house to see if you are there, and they will call your workplace to check to see if you are there as well, and they will try to get you fired as well by acting like they are an angry customer, they won't give a name but they will harass you.


If you live in a rural subdivision with large lots, their private investigators will not usually sit in their parked cars because that will draw attention to themselves, instead they will circle your house all day, and their will be more than one car involved. If you want to figure out which vehicles are following you, then do counter-surveillance on them, for instance watch out the window and count how many times you see that same vehicle and drive thru your subdivision to to see if it is a neighbors vehicle, if not it is most likely a Sleaze-ball Private Eye.

If you live in an urban subdivision, their investigators will park on the side of the street and try to blend in, sometimes they will sit in the back seat of their vehicle with a blanket blocking the interior of the back of the vehicle, and on warmer days they will keep their window cracked so that they can put their video camera out the window for the ultimate video clarity. Also, they will send people after you that will act like they are out for a walk down the street, so watch it doing projects outside or if you are doing something in the garage, keep the DOOR SHUT.


Travelers investigators love grocery stores and Wal-Mart! They will follow you in the store, get behind you in the checkout lane and videotape you loading the items into your car. So only buy a few items at a time rather than buy $200 worth of groceries, and also only pick up one bag at a time rather than pick up two bags at a time.

Yorkville, Illinois, United States #890775

Try to mess with me Travelers, and you will see what will happen, it may not be the outcome that you strive for, the only thing that I can tell you is to keep trying, and I know who most your PI's are so precede at your own risk. I am not afraid of any of your preferred list PI'S, most make me wanna laugh at their low IQ's, keep trying.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #890760

At grocery stores or Big Box stores they will typically have a few people after you at the same time, in my case tonight it was an older gentleman about 65-70 who has followed me in the past 2 visits to the grocery store, he never had a cart or hand basket he was simply acting like he was looking at candy or the card aisle, in the meantime he was alerting a short fat guy with a flannel shirt on, that I was checking out in the self scan aisle and that now is a good time to get behind me in line to capture film of me lifting a small number of groceries that didn't weigh much, the guy in the flannel aisle didn't buy much and that is a tell tale sign that they are a private investigator, they will usually buy a small amount of food, because Travelers has to reimburse them for their costs related to them following me.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #890749

In bar type settings, these Private Eyes will send in women that are fairly attractive, especially if you are a single male. It happened to me last night, 3 girls in their mid-20's, one was an overweight mexican, another was a very short blonde woman that could pass as a 12 year old, and a woman about 28 with brown hair and blonde highlights, the girl with dyed hair needed to have her head hit the headboard on a bed, she stared at me all night while drinking her martini made with rotten fruit, she was watching my every move.


Watch it at the grocery store, Walmart, home improvement stores, and any other store, they will follow you into the store. Travelers and their hired PI's will mount body camera on themselves, purses, hats, and even eyeglasses, or they will act as if they are texting on their smartphone to capture video of you lifting an item, bending over, twisting, and reaching for an object.

Depending on your restrictions from your doctor, lets say that you can't lift over 10lbs, if they obtain video of you lifting a case of water, bag of dog food, case of soda, or beer, then your case is over and they could potentially try to get a criminal case against which could result in a felony conviction, jail time, and having to repay all of the costs associated with your case. If you decide to go the store, make sure that you bring somebody with you, because they will follow you into the store and they will get behind you at the checkout lane to capture video of you bending over in your cart, and lifting the objects onto the checkout counter. One other thing that they do is park near your vehicle at these types of store to capture video of loading the items into your car.

One way to get past them taking video of you loading objects into your car is to ask for assistance from the bag boy and have him load the stuff into your car, otherwise have a friend or family member do everything including loading the objects into your cart, checkout lane, and vehicle, because believe me they will follow you into the store, they have a GPS tracking device on your vehicle and they can triangulate your position with your cellphone, so watch it out in public, they turn little stuff into big stuff. And don't think that every private eye is a male, because that is a myth, a good majority are women and sometimes these slimy women will even bring their kids with them to throw you off, and sometimes they are good looking and will use their looks to get info about you, so be on constant guard with these people.

to Old Short Guy with Flannel shi #1118736

Stop it! you are crazy and paranoid.

Please stop giving people wrong information. No carrier is going to settle with anyone and then continue to attempt to catch people going over their physical restrictions. Get real. You think adjusters give a ***.

They have so many claims dude. You're about one in 250 and they ate more than happy to get one closed and settled. Their case load would never end it would grow to thousands if what you are saying is true.

Jeez, go get on done much needed meds please for your own peaceful mind.

to Anonymous #1127292

You either work as a PI or for Travelers. In most states settlements can be modified for up to a year after the settlement date.

The case would be transferred to Travelers Special Investigations Unit not the same Claims Adjustor that held your case. Travelers sometimes will settle your case and then follow you around after the settlement becasue the people think the case is now over, wrong there fella, it can be modified for up to a year after the case is over, you are misinformed.


Travelers insurance usually alerts the local police department that they are in the area and doing surveillance, so there really is no need to call the cops on your Travelers Stalker, unless you feel like messing with them. The cops will tell you that the person is indeed a Private Investigator but they won't do anything to the Investigator, they are legally allowed to follow you because they have a license to. Just stay home, and don't do any physical activity, and make sure that there are no inconsistency's in your physical activity, they will follow you to the doctors office and take film of you and then later on that same day or the next day they will film you not limping or without your cane, so watch it and just stay home and bring somebody to the store with you, make sure that you don't give them anything to film.


One way to mess with these guys is to drive your car to a Home Improvement Store, Walmart, fitness center, or a grocery store and just sit there in your car and wait till they show up, it is a good way to drain them financially, since they have a GPS on your car they think that you are gonna be lifting items at these stores and will try and capture video of you lifting them, but you have the last laugh.

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