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In May, I opened my small business. I got a policy from Travelers for my workers compensation insurance.

I paid my down-payment when I got the policy. About a month later, they sent me a bill for over $800, saying that I'd paid the wrong amount. I talked to my insurance broker, who called them and straightened everything out. About 2 weeks ago, I got a bill for $52.

This seemed reasonable. I called yesterday to pay the $52 and was unable to use their automated system OR speak to anyone- at 1:30 in the afternoon. So I left a message, and today I received a call telling me that I have an outstanding balance of $554 that was due on August 4.

I'm leaving it to the insurance broker to call them back, but I am done. Currently seeking new insurance.

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Travelers is a company that only cares about one thing- taking in premiums... once you get into an accident- the stoop to all new lows such as lying on the total loss report, bait and swtiching you- so that you never deal with the same person- constantly telling you to talk to someone else- not to mention if you do get in an accident they also in my case lied about who was liable for the accident- stating that because they could not prove another car had hit my car that they had to deem me at fault...

To further show their lack of caring for the customer- they hiked my premiums by over $440 every six months. I am on a mission to tell everyone to not buy insurance thru them and if they do have it- Run as fast as you can...

I have never been treated so badly- as if the accident wasnt devestating enough I had to deal with Travelers on top of it. AWFUL COMPANY- I dont know how the people can sleep at night that work for that company.


Ok, I can't figure out how to delete this review. But I would like to say that everything has been resolved. It was a case of miscommunication and I am now satisfied with my service.


Be carefull that the broker hasn't messed you up. There should be no reason that the broker can't hold a three way call with you and Travelers billing and get this straightend out.

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