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After 7 months of a post surgery shoulder therapy and orthopedic surgery 2 yrs ago. Adhesions and scar tissue wrapped around main nerve in arm .

Cannot lift arm out or up nerve pain down arm cant even put on bra or do my hair travelers says ive reached mmi and im out .unbelievable been out of work since may 2016 . Sent to 2drs who did not even examine my arm one said I wouldn't let him??? Had witness with me ???? Tape every appointment these drs lie .

Saw 2 others who say severe nerve damage and adhesions. Been worki g si ce im 18 i am now 61 Now I'm supposed to work without having shoulder fixed like my employer is going to let me work with 1 arm??? Now I'm their liability not the company where I was injured. I have no choice but to appeal.

This is my life my ability to work they have strung me along for 7 months now why now that I need surgery and may have permanent damage due to delay all of a sudden they say I'm cured. It's a miracle! Travelers worst liars tape everything they say . I'll be seeing them in court.

Have tapes of conversations where my nurse case mgr and rep both knew problem after surgery. And surgeon stating I should go back to work and wait 18/24 months to givenerve in arm time to heal. Now he states he knew nothing can't wait to play tapes for a judge..

get a good attorney and let him handle it. Travelers I'll see you in court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelers Insurance Company Workers Compensation Claim.

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Rico is the round about way to go to jail.


Can you even phantom that any doctor would killed you to protect the non existent character of Travelers Indemnity Company..when Doctor Gary Dock , found out that Brenda white was going to attempt to sue her employer Eds care Management and Travelers Insurance. He tried to make sure Brenda white would wake up.

She almost died in surgery. She coded and barely woke up, she had severe nerve damage in the throat. He operated on her angle. He did not even file a incident report.

She broke her angle in three places.

After a fall down the base steps, taking care of a closed head injury patient. For her employer Attorney Elizabeth deluca Spina .


Doctor Gary Docks attempted to murder Brenda White in surgery to protect travelers indemnity insurance company , he did not even file a incident report he felt so confident that travelers insurance could protect him


Brenda white v Southeast Michigan Surgical Hospital and doctor Gary Docks , Eds care Management and Travelers Indemnity insurance company , Brenda white was working for an attorney who had a closed head injury Home care Buisiness. She fell down the stairs on the job.

They had Doctor Docks try to severely injure her in surgery. And for six years she has been trying to sue without a Attotney. She took her Case alone to the United States Supreme Court, And printed several certiorari in regard to her Case and two certiorari on the conduct of Attorneys in joseph her husband and Brenda white v the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, Travelers Indemnity insurance company in a workman compensation claim will kill you and steal your money.

To protect their character and their money. Joseph & Brenda white v the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission,

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1233204

please connect with me @ wandhudson@yahoo.com I am in very similar problem with Travelers.

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