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Had a car accident in March, I was unable to drive my car so it was towed to a shop, I received my rental as what was in my policy.It took 2 weeks to get the appraiser to look at my car, they then determined it to be totaled, they transfer my case to another adjuster...
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I feel for you. Insurance is a scam yet we are required to pay for it. The point of an insurer is to take your money and find any way NOT to pay you so they don't lose profit....

Travelers Insurance Company Auto Claim
I liked
  • Overall claim agent alex was very nice
I didn't like
  • Poor follow up
  • Did not admit to doing any thing wrong
  • I had to pay for their mistakes
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I was driving on a three-lane Eastern Parkway extension on Sunday, August 21st, just after 8pm. It rained a lot that evening so the roads were wet. I was approaching Dean St. and traffic was slowing down for the red light. I was making my way home to Ridgewood in...
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Travelers Insurance Company Auto Claim
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