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I recently had my basement flood in my house. My home is insured through Traveler's Insurance Co and I have taken out special flood insurance to protect against this potential disaster.

When the claims agent came out to our house, he erroneously concluded that the water came in through the foundation and therefore denied our claim. He showed no credentials proving he was qualified to determining how the basement flooded, despite several requests. We also requested a second evaluation from Traveler's, because several professionals we spoke with said there was no way this was the case, and we were outright denied. How is it that they can have an agent who is not trained in determining causes of flooding, and who is unable to show any credentials at all, performing these reviews and denying customers of money they are rightfully due?

Traveler's Insurance is a joke and a scam.

They don't have to porvide any specific justificaion for why they won't pay your claim, they just have to site something in ther verbage that renders your claim invalid and that's that. Nevermind if the verbage they are citing hasn't been proved by a trained professional, and truly trained professionals are saying they are wrong.

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We had a problem with Allstate. We had a blowback from our furnace in the basement, sending soot everywhere.

The Allstate man came over, spent l/2 hr. in the house, and said we had 1300 worth of damage. That we could get the rugs cleaned on the 1st floor, etc. We were told by other people to hire our own investigator.

That man came over, spent 3 hours at our house, looked at every floor in the house, detailing where the soot had damanged stuff. He submitted the paperwork, and we received a check for $13000.

He took l/3 for his work, and we were happy to give it to him. Try that.

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