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We are insured with Traveler's isurance for our home owers isurance. Well that is for the time being that is. Keep in mind that we have never filed a claim with them in nearly 15 years.

Our house was broken into in July ad we lost over $15,000 in belongings. We filed a police report and notified the insurance company immediately. A month later we received a phone call informing us tat an investigator fr Travelers would be coming to our home for a 'routine followup'. Whatever right? Guy shows up takes some pictures asks why we don't receipts for everything. Let's get real ere, some things were gifts and other things were old. Some things I may not have had a receipt or been able to find it but I ad owners manuals and proof for many tings. The investigator go threw his little deal and informs us that we should have everything done in 2 weeks.

Another month passes and we call our agent. She has the nerve to get irritated with us when we ask what's gong on. She gets all snippy and tells us that the investigator has been gone for 2 weeks and just got back from vacation. OK so what about the 2 weeks before that? 3 days after that conversation , the investigator calls and says that the CD I prepared for him with copies of everything I HANDED to him is blank. Well you took everything from me and it's been 4 weeks since you came here. That D wasn't blank. I checked it before he showed up.

This is ridiculous. Over 2 months and this hasn't been resolved. As soon a it is, believe me , we're switching to another company.

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Wow my husband and I just took out a isurance policy with travelers.I was told they were a great company.

I am a little frightend now that I have seen this review.Shaylamne after being with company 15yrs.I hope you get what you deserve and GOD bless you.


Wow my husband and I just took out a policy with travlers insurance co.That makes me have an uneasy feeling about that ins.

co.I hope that they are honest and you get what you deserve after being with that company so long!

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