I have had Travelers Insurance since 2010.... I have never had any tickets & have been involved in 1 fender bender in 2010, which Travelers did not file until 2011.

Since then my Insurance Increased on a yearly basis. I started off at $120.00, then after the claim was filed I went up to $150.00. On my next renewal I received it went up to $173.00, then it went up to $239.00. I called them and asked the WTH???

I have 1 car, single why am I paying this sort of money and all they can tell me is FL Insurance is going up.

Today 1/21/13 they Deducted $443.75 and they expect me to pay this on a monthly basis. Travelers is nothing but a bunch of thieves!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelers Insurance Company Claim.

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Blame your states rate increase not the companies. Do a little research on state rate increases...all companies take them at some point.

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #597626

And your rates will continue to increase living in that rat nest of a state.


Not only is TRAVELERS a MESS but PROGRESSIVE is not far behind them.If you ask me.All insurance companies are a ripoff.They seem to alway's find some type of extra charge.And guess what,No one try's to regulate them.Then when something actually happen's to your vehicle.Then you really feel and SEE their real color's.Sometime's having a vehicle feel's like a heavy burden.It does not matter how clean your driving record.They will alway's find away to stick it to us.GOD BLESS and Have a great remaining day.Because i know exactly how you feel.

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