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Had a car accident in March, I was unable to drive my car so it was towed to a shop, I received my rental as what was in my policy. It took 2 weeks to get the appraiser to look at my car, they then determined it to be totaled, they transfer my case to another adjuster who is out of office for 5 days, they then tell me I have 5 days to return my rental.

I was then unable to contact my prior adjuster to discuss the claim. After I was able to get a hold of the new adjuster after a few days my case was transferred to the total loss department. My car has a salvage title and current hail damage, has 73,000 miles, 2012 Honda fit sport. Travelers 3rd party appraisers determined it to be worth $2,900.

I tried to argue with the agent but he wasn't having it. they said the only way to get more money for my car was to get an independent appraisal. I finally agreed, my appraiser had a value of 4,000 for my car the first day. it took their independent appraiser one month, whom tried to blame their delay on my appraiser.

They had said they could not get a hold of him but they talked to him 3 times and never had a value for my car to discuss. I was the one who made them get my appraisal done, Travelers never once updated me unless I asked for an update. Travelers independent appraiser finally got done and agreed to the 4k. of course travelers wont reimburse me for my appraisal even though their bad first appraisal was the reason i had to get my own.

I was buying back my car so I sent in my title to Travelers to get it branded, i sent it on april 10th, it took them 3 weeks to process it, they then sent it to get branded on may 1st. I called to get an update on the title status, they said its being branded..... I made them call the department to give me an actual date, they would not have done it otherwise. I called one week before i was supposed to get the title.

The agent at Travelers said that it was supposed to be another 6-8 weeks. I get all the numbers to managers and who they sent the title to. the location they sent my title to said that Travelers sent it to them with the wrong directions and it got processed in Travelers name instead of my name. I called a Travelers manager and asked them, they said that I should get it in a week, they never admitted to doing anything wrong, they also tried to blame the title company for telling me it was going to be 6-8 more weeks when it was Travelers who made that statement.

I had called the DMV to ask about getting the safety inspection and even they said that the title should have been placed in my name, so here I am having to pay for their mistake because they cant admit to doing something wrong and it is either their 3rd party who does it or "this is normal". To rub it in more, 2 weeks later I get a letter from my mortgage company saying i have no record of home insurance. my policy number was changed for no reason at Travelers and none of the billing information was forwarded to my mortgage company. so no I am pending cancellation, i called my mortgage company who sent out payment but now travelers says it may take up to 10 days to process the payment.....

in 10 days my policy will be cancelled, and it will be because you are slow not because you didn't get the payment.

Not to mention this wouldn't have happened if my policy number wasn't changed in the first place. Travelers has horrible follow through, and they do not admit to doing anything wrong and will not apologize or compensate you for the inconveniences they caused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelers Insurance Company Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Overall claim agent alex was very nice.

I didn't like: Poor follow up, Did not admit to doing any thing wrong, I had to pay for their mistakes, Hired bad 3rd party appraisers.

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I feel for you. Insurance is a scam yet we are required to pay for it.

The point of an insurer is to take your money and find any way NOT to pay you so they don't lose profit. Sorry to hear about this long process, I've been there at one point.

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