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I have great credit, great driving record. All was going well and then they stated since my roommate who is disabled does not own a car but has a licence has to be put on my insurance.

I told them he had a heart attack and was on medication and would not be driving my car. However, they will not insure me unless a doctor gives them a note stating my roommate can drive.

Got to love an insurance company that will not ensure you for having a disabled roommate.

This tells me this company is a sunny day friend, and the first time something happens they will drop you. I will not be doing business with a company that denies coverage based on disablement.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #665522

IF he is disabled you can sign a waiver stating that he will not drive your car. That's how I removed my husband from my policy.

Ask for a waiver. They won't tell you but they have one.

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