Sept 20th 2018 coming home from a trip

My wife was driving on Highway I was in vehicle, a semi with construction equipment on trailer (insured)by travelers. Was ahead of us when something struck our windshield and shattered it, I had her speed up so I could get plate company’s name Etc.

So took pics following the semi off ramp noticed huge chunks of asphalt on trailer.

Of course after review Travelers denying claim I would never consider this company and if ever have another claim against I will go through my insurance because Travelers would not even contact me I had to contact them after a week and a half. *** poor service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelers Insurance Company Claim.

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There is absolutely no possible way of proving that anything came off that trailer unless you recorded it on a dash camera. You also say that "something" came up and hit your windshield.

It could have been something that was run over and kicked up by the tire. Either way, your claim was denied rightfully.


I was traveling westbound on I-20 ,OCT. 11,2018 driving behind this semi carrying a lowboy trailer with rock and dirt on it.

I was a commercial driver and I know this trailer was suppose to be clean by the driver. Of course Travelers denied my claim and CATHY the adjustor or insurance rep was rude and hung the phone up . As a consumer and a person with insurance ( because we are made to get it) when are our lawmaker going to police these notorious INSURANCE COMPANIES .

Travelers thank you for the eye opener . I will report this motor carrier to the FMCS and state motor carrier division which we all should do .So when these enforcement divisions see this company trucks they will be inspected .

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