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Geico Travelers,

Provided home insurance at a reasonable rate on a new home purchase.

After the home loan was signed and time to move in to new home came, travelers sent out an adjuster and said that our closest fire hydrant was beyond one thousand feet from property and that a completely non related concrete slab had a crack in it. ??? They tried to jack my rate up $250.00 annually.

The fire department reported the hydrant to be 900 ft. approx. I spoke to the Traveler home insurance dept. over the phone and gave them supporting docs. to prove my point. They tried several times to slip me the extra bill for $250.00. I finally got my point across, so they dropped the add on rate. Four months later I get a letter stating that they were going to drop my policy because of a crack in a concrete slab that is not even part of the house, it's off in a field.

I think there style of signing clients on to a policy hooking them and then finding B.S. cause to jack up the rate is criminal.

I am not going to dispute them or hold them to it, because who the *** would want an insurance co. like this anyway.


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