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After having insurance with Traveler's for years, our 19 year old had 2 minor accidents ($400 claim and $650 claim) over 18 months. We were told they weren't interested in renewing our insurance. We have two home owners policies and an umbrella policy with them. We had one claim on the homeowners policy in all these years as well. Told my insurance agency - move all my policies. Had Hanover for years and never had any problems - going back... Read more

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After 7 months of a post surgery shoulder therapy and orthopedic surgery 2 yrs ago. Adhesions and scar tissue wrapped around main nerve in arm . Cannot lift arm out or up nerve pain down arm cant even put on bra or do my hair travelers says ive reached mmi and im out .unbelievable been out of work since may 2016 . Sent to 2drs who did not even examine my arm one said I wouldn't let him??? Had witness with me ???? Tape every appointment ... Read more

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My husband requires a lot of physical therapy due to the injury he sustained at work, I won't say what injury for the fact of keeping this anonymous, it'll be pretty evident who I'm talking about. But their preauth doctor continually says that my husband doesn't need to the treatment that his 3, not one, 3 doctors say he need. He's being treated like he slipped and fell, or that his injury is just a broken arm when in fact his arm is shattered... Read more

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I had business insurance with Traveler's for 8 years. We got our bill for last year and paid then suddenly a couple of months go by and they send another bill for $1000. They decided because our sales had gone up so must our insurance. It's one thing to raise someone's rate at the beginning of the year but to give somebody one bill and then suddenly change your mind and add on another grand after 2 months? That is beyond unacceptable. I... Read more

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Going through a worker's comp w travelers. Shoulder surgery over 3 yrs ago everyone including surgeon and rep and judge told I was having a problem with strength and numbness fingers sent back to work told by case mgr "don't think you are going to spend the rest of life at home" I just wanted extra therapy for numb fingers" wanted to go back to work and did told by surgeon to give it 18/24 mths. Got progressively worse had to go back 7 months w... Read more

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I called Travelers on behalf of my mother who passed away and had a policy with them. After an automated voice activated switchboard had routed me to the incorrect person, wasting five minutes and forcing me to start the process all over again, I reached a person telling me I needed executor papers in order to make any changes. Apparently a death certificate isn't good enough. In the meantime her account continues to have money taken out thus... Read more

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I'm dealing with traverlers, through workers comp. They are the absolute worst to deal with. I really hate speaking with my adjuster

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Travelers Insurance Company - Travelers Home insurance
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I recently switched from Geico to Travelers for my home and car insurance. The car insurance was substantially lower and the home insurance a bit higher. All policies had the same coverage. I wanted to stay with one company so I bundled with Travelers. One month later I received a letter saying my home insurance has been terminated because " A recent inspection revealed unfavorable physical conditions of the property" as describe "The asbestos... Read more

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I was assigned to an adjuster do to a worksite accident. I have called him several times and left several emails. He is always at lunch, busy or on vacation. I called the company in Diamond Bar The people who answer the phones and the other adjusters are not very helping. They give you the run around. How do we get help? Read more

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Been on work comp threw travelers for over a year with multiple injuries from work and unless you have a lawyers they will do everything in there power to no help you and give you the proper treat ment katie myrick is a racist who cares nothing about injured workers

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