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I called them to see if I could get a better deal on my truck insurance. I live in an RV,I own out right, I also own my truck outright. My husband & I paid cash for them when he was an oil field electrician & I work in health care. I was informed that our RV could NOT be considered an appropriate home. And therefore,they could not do business with me. I asked the sorry &%$ if he was aware of how much an RV cost & I paid cash, LOST MONEY JERKS!... Read more

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I had been using Traveler's for home and auto for 1.5 years. During my last six months I was hit from behind by another vehicle. That vehicle drove off--hit and run. I suffered a concussion from the incident and 5,000 worth of damage to vehicle. Travelers assured me that this was a no-fault accident and would not count against my record. 6 months later, I was dropped--without any notice. After discovering that I had a lapse of insurance... Read more

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I got hurt back in January 29, 2016 I was out of work for 6 weeks and doing physical therapy for almost 9 weeks, today's date is April 14, 2016 and I still haven't get pay for the days or time that I lost at work because I was injured, I fill up a Maryland State workers compensation form that Travelers ask me to do so I can get pay and already have been 4 weeks since I fill up that form and still haven't heard anything, I e-mail the... Read more

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Don't let Travelers keep stealing from Children. Honor court ordered liens for child support before you settle witj the deadbeat. You are unscrupulous. Dishonest and uncaring. How would you feel if it were your kids Add comment

Looking for other parents who the Child support services issued a lien on a workman's compensation judgement that paid out, but Travelers never paid you and ignored the court ordered lien. Im thinking class action lawsuit.. please stand up for your children and what they are rightfully owed. This company banks on the poor keeping their mouth shut and just not having the strength or will power to fight for what is right. There is strength in... Read more

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Travelers Insurance got a lien from Child support services in the state of Oklahoma and completely ignored the lien and paid out settlement with total disregard for the Child support owed to my children. The state has sent them a letter demanding payment in January, they have yet to replie or pay what the owe. The operate above the law with impunity. They are very complacent with their actions and proud to rob children and direspect the judges... Read more

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Susanne C Liening refuse to reimburst miliage ..Richardson tx çlaim#DKD 4204 TERRY W SMITH Add comment

Travelers insurance has their own private investigators and they use outside private investigators as well. Their investigators are usually white males in their 50's, most likely retired cops, but they are known to use husband and wife teams, 2 women, and father/son teams as well. These people are very sneaky and use illegal methods to track you, including placing GPS tracking devices on the underbody of your vehicle, tracking you by computer... Read more

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I have been with travelers for 30 yrs I had a claim, when it was blizzard ,one year my gutter fell off because of the heavy snow, and when this happen the water from the snow melting went pouring straight down to my basement from the gutter. When I made the claim the adjuster came and tried to convince me that it was water from the ground my basement was so dry that I could call it a summer home because it was dry and cool in the summer . ... Read more

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Travelers insurance Charlotte total loss has refused reimbursement to us for our credit card receipts (hard costs) for rental car from Budget rental after our accident. Travelers is At-Fault carrier. Susan Everhart is department head. We have asked for reimbursement of credit car receipts from Budget to bring closure to our claim. Pissed consumer. Add comment

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