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Travelers Insurance Company
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I have been with Travelers for over 10 years I just received a letter saying they were dropping me for a moving violation ( clean driving record before this)

  • Jul 15
  • Finances
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Auto Insurance Cancellation
  • 5

I joined Travelers in April 2014, purchasing full coverage Auto Insurance. I made my down payment plus my monthly payments on time. I received a notice at the end of May that stated that my insurance was cancelled. I called and spoke with an underwriter that stated that they needed proof of previous insurance, which I faxed in. I asked why had they not asked for it and he stated that it was... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Property Insurance
  • Monroe, New York
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • 14

Through an insurance broker I got a very favorable quote for homeowner's insurance from Travelers and purchased the policy for one year beginning 4/15/14. On 4/22/14 a representative of Travelers came to inspect the property, take photos, ask questions, etc. Nearly 2 months later (and 2 payments later) I received a letter from Travelers, dated 6/13/14 citing concerns that, if not addressed, would... Read more

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  • Jul 01
  • Travel
  • Hyde Park, New York
  • Insurance Claim
  • 11

I had made a claim with travelers on May 10 2014 do to a sewer backup it has been 2 months of the normal b/a and run around on op of investigation. Finally after the investigation is complete and they "Review"it they have nothing to go by to deny the claim for my damages besides the fact that I had removed and threw debris out of the home before they came to inspect 3 days later. They are stating... Read more

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Travelers insurance drags their feet and screws their clients by not wanting to pay for claims. We are still dealing with the adjuster Chris and had to go up the ladder to try to get resolution. This is a claim for the severe hail damage we had.

  • May 02
  • Travel
  • Houston, Texas
  • Workers Comp Case
  • 8

I have been confronting Travelers Insurance for almost 5 years now. After agreeing to conservative treatment since 1992 without any issue with date of injury, cause of injury or anatomical site of injury they now drop coverage. In 2008 my condition had deteriorated to were more radical and of course more expensive treatment was suggested. They went into “delay, deny and wait for him to die” mode.... Read more

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  • Apr 15
  • Travel
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • 14

I won't spend a lot of time going into all the specifics only because the point of this story is that Traveler's finds any excuse to not honor a 'covered' claim. My nephew shares a home with me as I am not able to be there all the time due to business. He called me one day to say they found mold growing in a rarely used hall way closet... Traveler's sent their broker's agent out to check on it.... Read more

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  • Apr 10
  • Brokerage and Brokers
  • Insurance
  • 13

I have a small business in Bloomingdale IL and have had Travelers insurance since August, 2010 for my business protection insurance.The insurance was sold to me by a broker. His information is "Global Insurance Agency, 3330 dundee rd. #Suite C-1, Northbrook, IL 60062. TEL: (800) 406-2305 | FAX: 847-770-4900. When I started having Travelers Insurance, his agent explained to me of the coverage that... Read more

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  • Apr 02
  • Finances
  • Willcox, Arizona
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • 13

I am a small business, it is required we have workers comp insurance under the law. We purchased a policy with Travelers Ins, paid the premium in full for a calendar year, with an exclusion of one person (this is key). After 12 months, renewal came up and we learned the policy had been cancelled for over 7 months for, "failure to pay an additional $168 for an unlisted employee". This is the... Read more

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  • Feb 27
  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • 18

After 7 years of paying for Travelers Homeowner and Auto Insurance, we received a letter in the mail stating they dropped our auto insurance due to 5 comprehensive losses and 1 violations the the course of 5 years. It turns out that the losses were chipped glass claims that Travelers covered as a "courtesy" which cost them $60 each time for the grand total of $300!!! and a stop sign violation... Read more

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